My Plan


These are few of the issues I plan to focus on while serving as a member of the NRA Board of Directors.

If you have an issue you do not see addressed here, please contact me.

  • Accessibility - As a member of the board, accessibility to both myself and other board members will be a priority. WE are the NRA and it is vital that the board listen to all members.
  • Campus Carry - I have been heavily involved in the fight for campus carry in Georgia. I founded and led the Kennesaw State University Students for Concealed Carry chapter for 3 years before becoming the Georgia State Director for Students for Concealed Carry.
    Through the hard work of our organization, Georgia Carry and the NRA we were successful in the legalization of campus carry in 2017. Since then I have continued to fight for freedom on college campuses here in Georgia, and plan to do the same on a nationwide basis.
  • Attendance - I pledge that I will attend every NRA board meeting unless a health or family emergency prevents me from doing so.  It is vital that those elected stay involved.
  • Communication - Communication is vital to the success of the NRA, you can currently reach me via the contact page and I will return your email promptly.  Open and rapid communication will continue throughout my time on the board.  
  • Involvement - Once elected, I will continue to stay involved in both local and national level politics.  The key to success in fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights comes down to us as individuals taking a stand and involving ourselves on a grassroots level.
  • Education - Education is crucial to the growth of support for our 2nd Amendment rights. I will support measures that spread the message of the NRA to a wider audience in a non-confrontational and attractive manner.